Testimonials Capt Heinz Krodel

Good morning Stan,

In general I found that the "Standguard EPIRB 406 Guard Receiver" is a very valuable product. I had the unit on board "M/Y Santa Cruz Tres" for 3 years and on board "M/Y Zoom Zoom Zoom" for nearly 7 years while I was captaining those yachts. During my time on board non of our own EPIRBS ever triggered an false alarm, but the alarm went off a number of times in different ports in the Mediterranean and Caribbean.

We always located the yacht which triggered the alarm inside the same port and could alert them to the fact that there EPIRB was sending distress signals. On every occasion I also called the local Coast Guard and informed them about the false alarm, usually caused by crew members cleaning the yachts.

I hope that this little report will help you.

Kind regards


BSY Consulting & Management Ltd

Operations Mediterranean

Captain Heinz W Krodel

Kevin Doyle

Good afternoon Stan,

Any endorsement contained herein is of a personal nature and must not be construed as official endorsement by P&O Ferries.

This would need to be obtained from Dover.

Please find attached a report on your equipment made by our ESO.

The deck officers I consulted all agree that the inconspicuous little box does exactly what it says on the tin and has proved its worth when our own equipment transmitted in error and we were able to identify and fix the problem before the choppers arrived! It has not given any problems in the ten years it has been installed.

Hope this helps,


Kevin Doyle, Master European Highlander

Bob Pinchen

Bob Pinchen Master P & O Norbay Good morning Stan

There is not a great deal I can say about your Stanguard 406 simply it sits there and does it's job!

The first PM record for a test is in April 2004. It has been installed since then without defect or fault and must be considered to be one of the most reliable items of equipment we have on the bridge.

During the time I have been attached to the Norbay, about 5 years, it has not alarmed but its presence is very reassuring.

We operate near RAF Valley so it would not be long before a helicopter was looking for us if an EPIRB activated without our knowledge.

It is tested monthly and has never failed it's test. Where the buttons are below the protective plastic and have been operated the plastic has worn away but this has not effected operation. This is the only worn part on the device. After 9 odd years this is something of a record.

( Note A new Plastic front was sent to the ship and fitted)

Overall a robust and reliable piece of safety equipment that serves it's purpose quietly and without technical problems. Usual caveat is that this cannot be considered to be an endorsement from myself or P & O Ferries but I hope it helps you with your report.

Kind Regards,

Bob Pinchen

Master, Norbay

Julian Penney

Hi Stan,

As an end user of over 400 beacons, World Challenge was delighted to be introduced to the Stanguard.

We used the device to test each unit before its deployment and it also alerted us to a number of false alarms when beacons malfunctioned and activated within the storage facility.

I would recommend the Stanguard EPIRB Guard Receiver to any beacon user who wants peace of mind that their unit is operating effectively, or holders of multiple devices.

Julian Penney, Pharos Safety Ltd and former Operations Director at World Challenge Expeditions