The Standguard EPIRB Guard Receiver

Stand Alone Device - Does not require Computer

    The purpose of the Standguard Guard Receiver is to alert the officer of the watch that one of his vessel's EPIRBs is transmitting an alarm signal. It is not in itself a “Search & Rescue” device, but it designed to prevent the initiation of unnecessary S&R procedures when an EPIRB is transmitting a false alarm.

    The Standguard is designed to be fitted to a bulkhead in the wheelhouse. When an EPIRB signal is detected, it gives an audible alarm, and at the same time, a visual indication as to whether the EPIRB signal is “own ship” or “other vessel”. If the indication is "own ship" the Rescue Co-ordination Centre can be informed immediately of a “false alert” before expensive search & rescue procedures are commenced.

    Information about EPIRBs and false alarms

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    Peace of mind that your ships are not causing chaos at Rescue Co-ordination Centres, and that your company will not be fined for protracted false EPIRB distress alerts, comes at low cost.

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