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It is now over ten years since our EPIRB guard receiver came onto the market, although the numbers have not been great, there are over 150 units at sea and various others on airfields and shore establishments.

In that time we have not had any failures, other than defective aerials. This in its self is a remarkable achievement.

It did not make the overall sales anticipated because it was not recognized as a formal requirement. We did not want to put the costs up to achieve this status and hoped it would be accepted for what it was an aid to safety of life at sea. It has been a long held concept that in certain companies, if its not required, it is ignored.

With the changes taking place in Safety at Sea, such as a greater use of PLB's (Personal Locating Beacons). With more and more types of vessels being required to carry EPIRB's, I feel that there will be much larger danger of False Alarms being transmitted. This will be very detrimental to our safety organizations who are on yet smaller budgets

I was very pleased to be supported by an international organisation, the International Transport Federation and I feel I owe it to them and those others who helped me and therefore want to make one final effort to get our product more widely recognized .

We have come a long way from the Titanic era, which in itself was a wake up call to recognize the vulnerability of those at sea. We have passed through many changes since those times and I feel have lost the main concept of those at sea to save and protect one another. It has gone over to other organizations to give that protection, but while this may seem to be more efficient, leaves those at sea Blind to what is happening around them.

In my day we guarded 500Khz for morse "SOS SOS SOS", it then took in 2182Khz with "MAYDAY MAYDAY MAYDAY" for radio telephone. 500Khz watches disappeared nearly a decade and a half ago, 2182Khz is to follow very shortly.

The EPIRB Guard Receiver as well as protecting the ship from false alarms could return to the seafarer that ability to be aware of someone very close who is in dire need of help.

I have recently purchased a new Jotron EPIRB which is on the higher frequency 406.036Mhz which my EPIRB Guard Receiver responded to, as previously with those on 406.025Mhz .

We are hoping by greater sales to bring down the production costs and make it more available to all, both at sea, in the air and over our great land masses

I have contacted the organisations which bought our product and they have willingly provided a testimonial to the EPIRB Guard Receiver and have wished us well on our final push.

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